This has the potential to be a gamechanger and huge blow to Soundcloud. Apple Music has partnered with Dubset to all dj mixes and unlicensed remixes to their streaming music service. Dubset’s technology will identify the songs in the dj mixes and remixes and credit the proper individuals for each play. 

“Remixes are a huge part of our culture – they allow DJs and fans to put our own creative spin on music,” says superstar DJ Steve Aoki. “Apple working with Dubset now is a really simple solution to something traditionally complex, and allows everyone to make money on this content for the first time.”

Dubset’s MixBank and MixScan technology will ‘listen’ to each song to analyze who shall be credited for its use as well as block any tracks publishers have asked to not be allowed for streaming.

It is unknown when the new service will be launched.

H/T: Billboard
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