While Deadmau5 had given February as the street date for his collection of remastered tracks ‘stuff I used to do,’ lucky fans who check out the download link for the next can get the entire album for free! (Minus 3 tracks that are held back for the digital retail release and will be on the streaming services next week).

Album download link: Deadmau5 free album link

1. Messages from nowhere
2. Digitol
3. Screen door
4. Squid
5. 50 something cats
6. Charlie can’t dance
7. My opinion
8. HaxPigMeow
9. Obsidian
10. Long walk off a short pier
11. Support
12. Superlover
13. Creep (Alt. version)

In addition, a new video has been posted giving a sneak peak at the Cube 2.1 setup for his spring tour!