Moby Releasing New Album ‘These Systems Are Failing’ on Friday!

Moby and the Void Pacific Choir will be releasing a new album this Friday called These Systems Are Failing. The vinyl edition is set to be released on November 18th.

The song “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?” is currently streaming, and Moby asks in the chorus of the song “If the systems failed, are you free?” He has previously released a video for the track “Don’t Leave me”, which showcases the mistreatment of animals while Moby sings “Fight for me.”

Moby also released a video for the track “Manifesto.” Moby sings the following: “In the beginning, we were a desperate species. We needed things, and if you had things, you were happy. You were fed. You survived. The things saved us: things like food, weapons, shelter. But after eons of struggle, we won. … But we kept going. We kept eating as if we were about to starve. We kept fighting even though the old enemies were gone. We kept destroying the environment, even though we were only destroying ourselves. We built great cities, great industries, great systems. These systems were supposed to feed us, but instead they’ve killed the animals, the land and us. These systems were supposed to protect us, but instead they poisoned our air and our water. These systems were supposed to serve us but instead they’re killing us. We’re still acting as our ancestors acted: grasping for food, destroying nature, killing animals, killing each other, maintaining systems that haven’t worked in a long time. These systems are killing us. These systems are killing everything. These systems are failing. Let them fail.”

Moby has only one gig booked for the remainder of the year, which is at the Circle V festival that he created to celebrate animal rights. The festival will take place in Los Angeles at the Fonda Theatre on Sunday, October 23rd.

Check out below the track list for These System Are Failing and Moby’s video for “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?”

Moby and the Void Pacific Choir, These Systems Are Failing Track List

1. “Hey Hey”
2. “Break.Doubt”
3. “I Wait for You”
4. “Don’t Leave Me”
5. “Erupt + Matter”
6. “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?”
7. “A Simple Love”
8. “The Light Is Clear in My Eyes”
9. “And It Hurts”


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