12 & Under Kids are Partying at New York’s Nightclubs

New York has a controversial new club for ravers under the age of 12. A new company called Fuzipop puts together dance parties for children at major nightclubs in Manhattan. The 3 hour dance party is held once a month on a Sunday afternoon for children ages 6 through 12 and their parents. The cover is $20 for a parent and a child to get in, and $60 for a family of four. The event has professional dancers and a 9 year-old child mixing while kids dance and drink out of their juice boxes.

Kids jump up and down on the dance floor shouting “What Does the Fox Say?!” while their parents stand in line at the full cash bar. Tables are full of juice boxes and champagne glasses that are usually reserved for bottle service for VIPs. The parents look onto their energetic children while sipping on vodka drinks, which is the most popular cocktail of the afternoon. One mother at an event said that she wants to “live vicariously through our kids, and we can all blow off steam together.”

Fuzipop’s website says that it wants to “inspire the next generation of DJs, music producers, artists, dancers and music business moguls. Growing up in New York City is a unique one-of-a-kind experience and city kids deserve an event of the same stature.”

Checkout the below Fuzipop video and make your own opinion.


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