Anjunabeats Worldwide 04 Mixed by Maor Levi and Nitrous Oxide

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Anjunabeats Worldwide 04

Mixed by Maor Levi and Nitrous Oxide

Released Monday, April 23

Exclusive Mini-Mixes Available Now




On Monday, April 23rd, the Anujunabeats Worldwide compilation series was released, continuing its tradition of showcasing the brightest new world-class talent with [B]Anjunabeats Worldwide 04, mixed by Israel’s [B]Maor Levi and Poland’s [B]Nitrous Oxide.[/B][/B]

[B][B]The Anjunabeats Worldwide compilations are a way for Anjunabeats to highlight the rising stars of the electronic music world. Previous editions have served as a springboard for the famous Finns [B]Super8 & Tab, Russian superstar Arty and the effervescent and eclectic Mat Zo.[/B][/B]

[B][B][B]Maor Levi, the maestro behind CD1, burst onto the scene as a precocious 16-year old with “Lital” in 2006, and has since matured into a key part of the Anjunabeats family, as well as producing techno and house for Mark Knight’s Toolroom as 123XYZ. 2012 sees Maor at the very top of his game following a run of releases and remixes that have graced the sets of DJs like Above & Beyond, Mark Knight, Tiesto and Fatboy Slim.[/B][/B]

[B][B]Given his very real grasp of cross genre dance music, Maor’s mix is an exciting hybrid of multiple influences. It includes Mat Zo’s “It’s Yours” (an homage to the house classic by Jon Cutler and E-Man), as well as unreleased material from current Anjunabeats stars Norin & Rad and Genix. Also featured is an exclusive 2012 Maor Levi remix of Super8 & Tab’s Anjunabeats classic “Alba.”[/B][/B]

[B][B]CD2 is mixed by [B]Nitrous Oxide, aka Krzysztof Pretkiewicz, who is responsible for countless Anjunabeats classics such as “North Pole,” “Downforce,” and the recent “iPeople.” Krzysztof represents forward-thinking, energized dance music at its best, and the mix has many of his personal productions, including the forthcoming single “Tiburon” and his collaboration with Space RockerZ “Energize.” The mix also contains tracks and remixes from the likes of Super8 & Tab, Andrew Bayer, Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi and Ost & Meyer. Like CD1, many of these are exclusive to this compilation.[/B][/B]

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[B][B][B]Maor Levi’s Anjunabeats Worldwide 04 Mini-Mix[/B][/B]

[B][B][B]Nitrous Oxide’s Anjunabeast Worldwide 04 Mini-Mix[/B][/B]

[B][B][B]Anjunabeats Worldwide 04 – Mixed by Maor Levi & Nitrous Oxide: Tracklisting[/B][/B]

[B][B][B]CD1 Maor Levi[/B][/B]
[B][B]01 Breakfast pres. Keyworth “Splitting”[/B][/B]
[B][B]02 Maor Levi “Won’t Say No”[/B][/B]
[B][B]03 Tate & Diamond feat. Nicolai “Electrified” (Mat Zo Remix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]04 Mat Zo “It’s Yours”[/B][/B]
[B][B]05 Inpetto “No More Serious Faces”[/B][/B]
[B][B]06 Boom Jinx feat. Justine Suissa “Phoenix From The Flames” (Maor Levi Remix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]07 3rd Planet “Sevas”[/B][/B]
[B][B]08 Norin & Rad “Pistol Whip”[/B][/B]
[B][B]09 Super8 “Alba” (Maor Levi Remix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]10 Bluestone “Namaste”[/B][/B]
[B][B]11 Genix “Aura”[/B][/B]
[B][B]12 Ost & Meyer “Safari” (Maor Levi Remix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]13 Kyau & Albert “This Love”[/B][/B]
[B][B]14 Parker & Hanson “Afterthought” (Heatbeat Remix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]15 Breakfast pres. Keyworth “Median” (Keyworth Remix)[/B][/B]

[B][B][B]CD2 Nitrous Oxide[/B][/B]
[B][B]01 Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange feat. Kerry Leva “In And Out Of Phase “(Norin & Rad Remix) [/B][/B]
[B][B]02 Mike Koglin vs. Genix “Helion” (Norin & Rad Remix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]03 Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone “Nautica”[/B][/B]
[B][B]04 Adam Kancerski “Orion”[/B][/B]
[B][B]05 Edu & Cramp “Human Turbines” (Beat Service Remix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]06 Ost & Meyer “Antalya” [/B][/B]
[B][B]07 Craig Connelly “Manchester AM” (2012 Club Mix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]08 Sunny Lax “Contrast” (Nitrous Oxide Remix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]09 Nitrous Oxide “Gr8!”[/B][/B]
[B][B]10 Ost & Meyer “Scarlet Heaven” (Dan Stone Remix)[/B][/B]
[B][B]11 Nitrous Oxide & Space RockerZ “Energize”[/B][/B]
[B][B]12 Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi “Azzura”[/B][/B]
[B][B]13 Super8 & Tab “Awakenings
[B][B]14 Nitrous Oxide “Tiburon”[/B][/B]
[B][B]15 Cramp “Andromeda”[/B][/B]
[B][B]16 Oliver Smith “Progress” (Nitrous Oxide Remix)[/B][/B]



[B][B] Anjunabeats[/B][/B]


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