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A small group of lucky viewers at last month’s Sundance Film Festival watched a midnight showing of Insomniac’s EDC documentary “Under The Electrick Sky”. Kaskade created the music for the much anticipated documentary.  According to Sundance, the film’s intention is to “[chronicle] the love, community, and life of festival-goers during Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas… [and] …

Introducing his new album ‘Worlds’, Porter Robinson released a new 10 hour (!!) video as a promo for the released. The video is basically just a long loop so you will be forgiven if you do not watch the entire thing. Or more than 2 minutes. You can see the video here. Prepare to start …

Insomniac released trailed for their upcoming EDC NYC on May 24th and 25th.  Once again the event will take place on the grounds of MetLife Stadium, just east of New York City. Check out the trailer:

Chus and Ceballos give us a nice 18 minute documentary video reflecting on their time spinning in New York, their fans and other djs that they are influenced by and influence back themselves. Check it out!

The video follows to young girls who are both lovers and thieves! The video was shot in a cinematic style reminiscent of the 1960s and is a rare video that does not feature Avicii himself.

Just in time for spring Tiesto drops his new single Redlights. The song definitely fits in the current pop EDM category and we are sure this will be played multiple times at Ultra next month. The Fred Falke remix reminds one more of summertime weather.

More evidence of EDM making inroads into the mainstream was Zedd’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show earlier this week. This follows on his appearances on the Dave Letterman show before and his appearance in a Super Bowl commercial last Sunday as well. Find You: Clarity:

Disclosure is moving into the big leagues with a new version of F for You with new vocals by Mary J Blige!

Toolroom Records is celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year. To celebrate, they have done a nice video going back over the evolution of house music for the past 10 years. Lots of dj interviews and recaps of the big house music hits and changes in the scene. Check it below:

By comparing the # of drinks sold the night Armin van Buuren played at Mansion in Miami versus the night before, 41% less drinks were sold… so that suggests a good dj means people listen more and drink less! Interesting ‘research’ there! Have to say the video looks more like a recreation that shot live!