Club Glow (DC) bought by Insomniac

Intended to establish an East Coast home base for Insomniac, it was recently announced that the club had been acquired  by the huge event promotion firm.

The acquisition actually took place in 2019 and was just announced in part to let current employees know that they would not only be able to return to their jobs in the future but that additional events may be added above the past schedule of the venue.

The original plan was for the announcement of the deal to be made at the 2020 Winter Music Conference by Club Glow owner Pete Kalamoutsos.

Kalamoutsos told Billboard:

It’s good to give them hope. We’re coming back, it’s going to be bigger than ever and we’ve got incredible things planned cant wait to tell everyone about.”

Club Glow consists of Echostage, the award-winning larger venue and the more intimate Soundcheck.

Pasquale Rotella, CEO of Insomniac also told Billboard:

“We have have been working together in the past few years promoting dance music culture and I’m always watching for people who make an impact. A goal of mine has always been to work with the people that are essentially cut from the same cloth and have the passion with the roots to the culture. Pete’s a fan he’s stuck with it and what he started is as popular today. And he is pushing the music forward and pushing the culture for forward.”


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