The Curse Of The Six Figure A Set DJs In Miami!

 Something’s afoot in Miami and it’s not the lengths of the lines of blow on the million dollar super yachts, docked around the bay for a prime view of Ultra!
Last night, everyone’s favorite commercial crossover DJ, Avicii, collapsed before his set at Miami’s WMC. The superstar DJ was due to play a show at Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel in Miami Beach–which incidentally was completely re-branded for Miami Music Week under the Avicii name/brand–but he inexplicably collapsed in his hotel room and was rushed to the ER. This caused him to miss his set and Alesso took the stage in place of him. And just to make you all scratch your heads a little harder, Avicii has been told that he is “not welcome” back at the SLS and asked to vacate his room there. Hmmmmm.

And get this, Afrojack has ALSO been admitted to hospital in Miami after his release party for his latest album, Ten Feet Tall, claiming he “got a little too excited”. Yes Nick, we’ve all been a little too excited before as well. Just not to the point where we rush ourselves to the ER. Did someone say lightweight? We joke, of course. We hope both Avicii and Afrojack are well and it was nothing too serious.

It does raise a few questions though, and not that we’re ones to sit here and wear tinfoil hats, thinking there is a little more to these stories, but, you can’t blame us for bringing this up. What is going on at WMC to cause TWO of the world’s leading DJs BOTH admit themselves to hospital? Keeping in mind that these guys play in excess of 200 gigs a year all over the globe. Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe Avicii was “exhausted” and maybe Afrojack did in fact get “a little too excited,” and if that’s the case, we wish them both a speedy recovery.

We’re just glad it wasn’t like last year when Erick Morillo had to pull out of his own Subliminal party due to him partying too hard, sorry, a family member being sick and him having to “rush” to hospital to “see her”.

The plot thickens…

Here are the tweets that led up to the hospitalization.

afro3 afro2 afro1

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