Dom Dolla and Nelly Furtado Release Summer Hit Single “Eat Your Man”  

Dom Dolla and Nelly Furtado released a new single on June 2 “Eat Your Man,” which is on its way to becoming the energetic club anthem of the summer. 

Dolla was working with Furtado when she expressed interest in house music. They collaborated to create a high energy and base heavy song, perfect for nights dancing at the club. “Eat Your Man” is an homage to Furtado’s previous work “Man Eater,” and brings nostalgia back to fans as they indulge in her and Dolla’s recent hit. 

Furtado noted in a press release:

Meeting Dom has been an absolute blessing… We have a real creative synergy and trust when we work together—we hear music in a similar way and I am super inspired by his live shows. He reminded me how much fun music can be and for that I am grateful. 

Dolla has had nothing but growth since the release of his 2018 hit “Take it,” moving him up to the next stratum of house music producers. He has secured his position on top of his field with other releases such as “San Fransisco,” “Define” and “Rhyme Dust.”  

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