Fred Again at the LA Coliseum Review

This past Friday night saw Fred Again light up the LA Coliseum with as solo show entertaining tens of thousands of fans in arguably his home away from home the City of Los Angeles.  After playing two shows at the Roxy in West Hollywood in just 30 months ago to ‘150 people’ per Fred he has seen an incredible rise in fans who sold out nine shows at the nearby Shrine last fall and now nearly filling the 77,500 person occupancy Los Angeles Coliseum! 

The show did begin somewhat late as originally the tickets for the show indicated a 8:45 PM start time them Fred Again posted on his Instagram stories it would rather be 8:30 PM. The show however did not kick off until after 9:30 with no public explanation. (Theories are that Frederick wanted everyone to have arrived before he began).

The setup for the show included two stages on the field, multiple D and B sound installations and a ‘moat’ which lit up (and caused an unexpected interruption later). As teased via his Instagram stories earlier, due to the moat and two-stage setup and song performed in the middle of the crowd with Obongjayar, regardless of where you sat for the show it was a great view.

Performing with Tony Friend as he does at his live shows, the two artists ran through the library of the Fred Again songs we all know and love. 

In addition to the tack with Obongiayar saw Fred Again bring out Romy who sang on the track ‘Strong’. The duo performed on the smaller of the mid-field stages. The rest of the night was filled with the energy of the fans singing and dancing to hit after hit.

One unfortunate moment occurred near the end of the show were Fred Again was walking from one end of the stadium to the other on the elevated and illuminated “moat.” Several fans jumped onto the moat to give Fred  a hug which finally forced a production person to walk near him to make sure no one else did the same. This did seem to give the idea to many fans who soon after jumped onto the moat to dance. As this was not set up to hold hundreds of people, for safety reasons the show had to be stopped for close to 10 minutes while the fans had to climb back down to their seats. Also we have seen a picture of one small section of the moat which did come down and unconfirmed reports were one person may have sprained/broken an ankle due to this. 

After the show restarted it took a bit for the energy to resume but the last two tracks brought the crowd back and two sets of fireworks shows capped off a great night at the Coliseum.




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