Hector to Launch ‘VL’ Label at The BPM Festival 2016

A year after his Vatos Locos showcase at The BPM Festival 2016, Hector is ready to launch is new label, VL, in his home country of Mexico. The official label is set to launch on Sunday, January 17 at Canibal Royal with Sece, Randall M, Pinto, Javier Carballo, Hito, Hector, David Grtonic, and Chad Andrew.

“Working at Phonica in my early years and coming from vinyl background, the most important thing for me in this industry is to be able to get the music heard in the way I feel most comfortable with. To have your own label and have total control over this is paramount for me. This is something that started organically and has developed naturally thanks to having a good crew who are all in it for the right reasons, no egos, just quality music and events. These guys are refreshingly talented and we all share the same vision, and I cannot wait for you to all hear the first release.” – Hector

Purchase tickets here, checkout Hector’s ‘The BPM Festival Podcast 31’, and his artist lineup below!

Canibal Royal
Calle 48 & La Playa
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Sunday, January 17, 2016
Hector presents Vatos Locos:
Chad Andrew
David Gtronic
Javier Carballo
Randall M


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