Ibiza clubs in San Antonio having closing times moved up to 3AM; does not affect the major clubs

News arose last week that the mayor of San Antonio in Ibiza is moving forward with a plan to move the closing time for nightclubs to 3AM. This would affect only the nightclubs in the West End. Unfortunately some of outlets have misreported this as applying to the entire island or spreading fake news via clickbait headlines. To clarify, venues located in the Special Acoustic Protection Zone (ZPAE) in San Antonio,  specifically the West End, will have to close patios/terrace at 11pm and the venues themselves at 3AM. This does not affect any of the famous clubs such as Amnesia, Privilege, Pacha, Hi, etc. as they are located in a different municipality. We do not believe Eden or Es Paradis in San Antonio would be affected as while they are in San Antonio they are not in the ZPAE areas it appears.

One important note is that the clubs that historically had been able to get extended hours for their opening and closing parties such as Amnesia, it appears special permits will no longer be given for these times.

The official closing times remains 6:00AM for Amnesia and Privilege (+30 minutes to vacate the venue). As we know Amnesia has historically flouted this rule and been fined for it.

H/T: http://www.noudiari.es/2017/12/los-empresarios-del-west-senalan-que-la-solucion-para-acabar-con-el-ruido-es-sancionar-a-los-que-incumplen/

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