Lil Louis Suffers Hearing Damage in Left Ear

Lil Louis recently confirmed that he has suffered permanent hearing loss in his left ear during a soundcheck at Sankeys Manchester when a CO2 cannon was set off close to his head.

The following is Lil Louis’ Facebook post announcing his loss of hearing:


Appreciate all of your love.

Regretfully I have been told that I have suffered permanent damage in my left ear. Difficult as this has been to fathom, I’ve excepted this as my new normal.

I’ve considered walking away a thousand times… Until this morning when I was awakened by a voice that said, “You have a gift”.

Hearing that voice, I realised the gift God gave me was not in my ears. It was where I’ve heard everything I ever created first, in my mind.

So for my father and everyone who prayed for me, I move ONWARDS… I will not stop. Even if I can only hear with one ear, I’ll play twice as loud, so you can feel it…


Lil Louis”


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