Miami Beach Under Nighttime Curfew for Miami Music Week!

Due to several shootings and rowdiness on Ocean Drive in South Beach last weekend with police overwhelmed by the crowds, an emergency order with a curfew has been put into place for this weekend. This follows after scenes in March 2021 of out of control partiers jumping on police cars and causing mayhem. 

Unfortunately this emergency declaration led to the cancellation of multiple club nights at venues such at Story and Do Not Sit on the Furniture.

Liquor stores have to stop selling liquor at 6pm and all bars and clubs have to close by midnight unless they are inside a hotel and limited to hotel guests.

It is important to note that the problems in South Beach are from out of town Spring Breakers, not those in town for Miami Music Week! In addition, parties across the bridge in Miami and Wynwood such as Space and Ultra are not affected by this due to being in the City of Miami versus Miami Beach. 

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