New Photos Released of the Wu Tang Clan’s ‘Once Upon A Time I Shaolin’ Album

Famously bought by ‘Pharma-bro’ Marten Shkreli by $2 million then later seized as an asset forfeiture to the US Government, new photos for the album were just publicly released.

The photos arrived due to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by Jason Leopold, a writer with Buzzfeed News.

Included in the box are a 175-page leather-bound book containing the album lyrics as well as a certificate of authenticity in gold leaf.

Images of the lyrics, CDs and song title were redacted by the US Government claiming they were ‘trade secrets.’

The New York Time reported that PleasrDAO, a digital art collective, bought the album for $4 million. Much like the prior owner, the new owners are restricted from making any copies of the album. 

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