NYC to Allow 24-Hour Parties???

Party all the time in New York City; the city will be Up 24-hours!

A new proposal in New York City could see New York City soon introduce 24-Hour Party Districts as clubs and bars in the city struggle to reopen after months of ongoing closings due to the ongoing pandemic.

Current licensing rules in New York limit the sale of alcohol at places sold after 4 a.m. — one of the last closing times in the United States. However, a new proposal plans particular “nightlife areas” that will remain open 24 hours a day. Accordingly, Ariel Palitz, the Executive Director of the NYC Office of Nightlife, explained, “Rather than having to get it all in before 4 am, it can help reduce conflicts and quality of life concerns by not having everybody rushing out and rushing in at the same time.”

According to Ariel Palitz, CEO of the New York Bureau of Nightlife, to WCBS, “We are recommending this as a pilot to identify areas where 24-hour use might be appropriate; new licenses that are committed to hosting community programming in exchange for this allowance in certain areas have proved wildly successful,”

Adding that “not everyone rushing and rushing” at the closing time actually helps reduce conflict and quality of life concerns” in other cities that have delayed licensing programs in place.”

This idea helps the city keep up with the party scenes in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Miami. After the Corona pandemic and the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic to the whole world, including New York City, nightclubs and bars in New York City have been dealt a serious blow over the past year. Unfortunately, many have not been able to recover. So this decision will bring nightlife back, so get ready to party after the wee hours in New York City, thanks to the New York Nightlife Bureau’s latest proposal for 24-hour “party” areas.

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