Why Are You Sleeping? (at Lollapalooza??!!)

Why Are You Sleeping?

Words by Alejandra Loera | Photos Jean Pierre Silva

As the summer festival season comes to a close we thought it would be funny to swap out a typical review to highlight the fans who may have gone a little too hard this summer. You’ve seen them taking a nap on the grass or by the side of the stage. Perhaps you’ve even been one of them. With artist like Zedd, Duke Dumont, to Flosstradamus performing at this years Lollapalooza in Chicago we wondered where people got the time to disco nap. So we asked around over the course of the weekend and these were their answers.

Name: Shawn Hunt
Number of Lollapaloozas: First
Hometown: Joliet, Illinois
Twitter: @Ishawn47

photo 1 (Large)

Shawn was taking a little disco nap on the grass of the main stage, before it got soaked up by the rain. When we asked him what he was dreaming about he said, “I wasn’t dreaming, but I haven’t really slept much.” Why was he sleeping then? “Because the people I want to see are not until later,” he said. Shawn came to Lolla to check out Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino.

Name: Linds Castellano
Number of Lollapaloozas: Three
Instagram: @Lindscastellano
photo 1 (1) (Large)

Linds was laying on the grass at the main stage during intermission before Chromeo came on. When we took her picture she shooed us away at first, but opened up when we told her who we were. “I came yesterday. Just tired. We were out until 6am last night at Spy Bar. It was fun,” she said. Ironically we were at the same party the night prior too. Party on!

Name: Steven Miller
Number of Lollapaloozas: Six
Instagram: @acue2
photo 4 (Large)

We found this guy sleeping on the grass in between stages while another dude was puking in a trash can behind him. When we woke him up even though his friends recommended against talking to us he still responded. “I’m tired. It’s been a long day and right now is a perfect break time.”

Name: Ronin Klein
Number of Lollapaloozas: First
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Instagram: @rhettklein
photo 4 (1) (Large)

Ronin was enjoying his first Lolla in the arms of his daddy. Naturally all newborns do is sleep, but he seemed to be enjoying himself despite all of the noise. Gotta start them young!

Name: Malory
Number of Lollapaloozas: Third
Instagram: @Benzoblaqueout
IMG_6110 (Large)

We found Malory taking a nap on a hammock in the backstage Artist Lounge. When we woke her up to ask why she was sleeping she said, “I’m tired, like it’s just non stop partying. Hella, hella hella lolla fun! So I mean, if you can get a rest in go ahead. Lightweight break is what I like to call it. You feel me?” This is Malory’s third year working as part of the crew at Lollapalooza which she said she’s also loving.

Name: Dylan Hyde Castle
Number of Lollapaloozas: Eight
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI
Twitter: @gunlovesays
IMG_6102 (Large)

We found Dylan taking a nap backstage on a bench and when we woke him up this is what he said, “I took to many drugs and I love to sleep.  Last night I feel asleep with bacon in my hand.” Dylan also mentioned that he hadn’t watched any performance the whole weekend and was just partying backstage. We asked him what he was dreaming about and he said, “that’s a very personal question.”

Name: Hilary Love
Number of Lollapaloozas: First
Instagram: @hillllove
IMG_6108 (Large)

This girl was sleeping backstage under a red bull umbrella by the backstage open bar lounge. When we woke her up to ask why she was sleeping she quickly responded, “because men were irritating the f*ck out of me.” She also added that she was here to see everyone, but got caught sleeping.

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