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Released earlier this year, ‘Go Up’ was on the French groups 2016 album ‘Ibifornia’. The track has the familiar French filter disco sound along with the added vocals of legendary producer singer Pharrell along with Cat Power. The video itself uses an amusing split screen throughout with similar but different video clips that both compliment …

With help from uber super-producer Pharrell, Snoop Dogg drops a new jam “So Many Pros” which harkens back to the old Funkadelic days. As the first single from his new ‘BUSH’ album we can’t wait for the rest! Digging the video as well! Give it a listen:

Lending their hand for a remix of Pharrell’s track Frontin’ (feat. Jay Z), the lads from across the Atlantic give us another reminder of why they are considered some of the freshest new talent on the scene today. Check the track – perfect for that summertime BBQ!