Daft Punk Releases Footage of Pharell Williams Listening to ‘Get Lucky’ for The First Time in Celebration of 10-year Anniversary 

Daft Punk’s 10th-anniversary celebration just got a whole lot more exciting! They’ve unveiled an exclusive peek into a magical moment when Pharrell Williams first laid ears on “Get Lucky.” This behind-the-scenes treasure trove is a delightful trip down memory lane, as they delve into the making of “Random Access Memories.”

In the footage, you’ll witness Pharrell as he immerses himself in the enchanting sounds of “Get Lucky” and “Lose Yourself.” The recordings aren’t just about the music; they offer intimate interviews with the musical wizards behind The Neptunes. In these candid conversations, Pharrell reveals his initial surprise at the thought that he was just providing demo vocals for a future release.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! Pharrell Williams has recently taken us on a journey into the captivating creative process behind his chart-topping hit, “Get Lucky.”

As we savor these glimpses of the past from “Random Access Memories,” Pharrell reminisces about memorable encounters, such as meeting Daft Punk’s manager and Ed Banger Records owner, Busy P. He also shares heartwarming anecdotes from his collaboration on a remix of the duo’s classic “Harder Better Stronger,” a gem from the early 2000s. Get ready to relive the magic!

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