The Chemical Brothers Release 10th Studio Album “For That Beautiful Feeling”

“For That Beautiful Feeling” marks The Chemical Brothers’ 10th studio album, solidifying their status as one of the electronic music industry’s most revered and enduring duos. This record aptly encapsulates the essence it promises in its title.

Recorded within the confines of their own studio, nestled along the southern coast, the album ventures to capture that enchanting moment when sound engulfs your senses, nearly submerging you before ultimately allowing you to surf its euphoric wave, leading to uncharted destinations. It expertly pinpoints the precise instance where one relinquishes all control, surrendering to the music’s pull as if guided by an invisible thread.

Every track on “For That Beautiful Feeling” originates from a quest to unearth that visionary point within the studio, one that can then refract its brilliance onto the dancefloor through the medium of music. The result is a compilation of music that exudes vivid colors, unwavering confidence, and profound psychedelia—an impossible beauty carved from the realms of noise, chaos, and ceaseless rhythmic flow.

From the towering, pulsating ride of “Live Again” to the magnificent analog noise breakdown of “Goodbye,” and the return of Beck (previously featured on The Chemical Brothers’ 2015 single “Wide Open”) in the propulsive and dreamlike “Skipping Like A Stone,” to the profound, hypnotic embrace of the album’s eponymous track, it’s unmistakably evident that their latest creation stems from and is crafted for that ineffable beautiful feeling—a transcendent state that they evoke like no other in contemporary music. It is The Chemical Brothers at the pinnacle of their artistry.

“For That Beautiful Feeling” also showcases the singles “No Reason,” “The Darkness That You Fear,” and “Live Again,” the latter featuring the captivating vocals of artist Halo Maud. The music video for “Live Again” was skillfully directed by the long-standing collaborators of The Chemical Brothers, Dom & Nic. The duo expressed their delight in working with The Chemical Brothers, emphasizing how fortunate they are to continue crafting cinematic experiences together over the years. They describe their enduring partnership as a result of The Chemical Brothers consistently delivering exceptional tracks that not only merit compelling visuals but also enhance the overall musical journey.

“Live Again” marked their tenth collaboration, and the song’s woozy, unconventional analog sounds and dreamlike lyrics served as the inspiration for a hallucinogenic visual narrative, revolving around a character ensnared in a cycle of death and rebirth.

The creative concept led them to leverage cutting-edge technology, specifically the Arri XR virtual production stage, in an innovative manner never before attempted. This approach would have been unattainable using conventional filmmaking techniques. They meticulously constructed virtual CGI worlds and executed uninterrupted camera sequences, seamlessly transitioning between these diverse realms with their protagonist. During the video’s production and editing, they were generously supported by a dedicated and highly skilled team of companies and individuals who shared their passion for collaborating with The Chemical Brothers. Without their expertise and generosity, a project of this magnitude would have remained a mere concept, confined to the realm of imagination.

The Chemical Brothers, composed of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, have been at the forefront of electronic dance music for three decades, leaving an indelible mark with their multi-platinum records and mesmerizing live performances that have enthralled millions at festivals and arenas worldwide. “For That Beautiful Feeling” represents their first album since 2019’s “No Geography,” featuring the colossal singles “Got To Keep On,” “Free Yourself,” and “Mad As Hell.”

For That Beautiful Feeling Tracklist:

  1. Intro
  2. Live Again (feat. Halo Maud)
  3. No Reason
  4. Goodbye
  5. Fountains
  6. Magic Wand
  7. The Weight
  8. Skipping Like a Stone (feat. Beck)
  9. The Darkness That You Fear (Harvest Mix)
  10. Feels Like I’m Dreaming
  11. For That Beautiful Feeling (feat. Halo Maud)

You can buy the album on Amazon here:

In an interesting side note, the Chemical Brothers told Billboard recently that they cannot afford to tour any longer in the United States as it is not viable for them.

Ed Simons noted:

“The costs have gone up so much. It’s just not really viable at the moment… I’m apologetic to the people who do want to see us that it is increasingly difficult for us to get to America because we had the times of our lives playing there.”

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