Ultra Taiwan Goes Off Without a Hitch

Taiwan marked a successful Ultra Musical Festival on Saturday, November 14th despite the global restrictions that have impended music festivals in the wake of coronavirus. The event was part of the Road to Ultra (Miami) festivities, a major foundation of the Miami electronic dance music festival.

Dajie Riverside Park hosted the incredible one-day event included renowned djs such as Alesso. In addition the party also featured the highly celebrated DJ Kayzo and the legendary duo Slander along with Vini Vici.

As expected of music festivals there were a plethora of brilliant performances that included fireworks, live stage productions, showcasing graphic art walls from designers in Taiwan, live painting, and pyrotechnics. With great performances from local performers such as RayRay, Pei Pei, and Junior, the festival was nothing short of success.

Although the Ultra-series of events has faced grueling claws of the coronavirus pandemic, this Ultra Taiwan event remains earmarked as a major achievement despite the strict regulations. Taiwan remains a flagship and a framework for such festivities that are crucial for the music industry, with an awakened hope, which countries that have profoundly won over coronavirus can enjoy.

It is no doubt that the pandemic remains stubborn in the United States whereas Taiwan boasts of no local transmissions of coronavirus for 200 days as November approached. This can be factored from the fact that Taiwan restricted travel early and has aggressively curbed coronavirus through observation of strict health protocols. This saw the island record only 550 cases of coronavirus and 7 deaths.

The Ultra Taiwan serves as a benign reminder that the outbreak can be actively controlled with proper planning and actualization – the results being tremendous jubilations! The festival was also streamed live and the world joined in celebrating the amazing experience that has headlined the music industry.

Below are some of the sets from Alesso and Slander:

As a side note, several of the djs were fined by local authorities for meeting in their hotel pre-event during the required quarantine period. 

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