2016 BPM Festival livesets!

Those looking to relive the amazing music spun at the 2016 BPM Festival we have you covered! A few select sets are presented on Soundcloud and every single live video presented on Be-At.TV is shown below either embedded or with links for clicking! Outstanding sets include Sasha on January 8th and Solomun on January 12th!

Marco Carola – January 10, 2016

Solomun in the Jungle – January 12, 2016

Luciano – live at Blue Parrot – January 15, 2016

Sasha – January 8, 2016

Pets Recordings Label Showcase – Friday January 8th, 2016

El_Txef_A http://www.be-at.tv/5P0GAA
Honey Soundsystem http://www.be-at.tv/5f0GAA
Catz ‘n Dogz http://www.be-at.tv/5v0GAA
Justin Martin http://www.be-at.tv/_wMHAA

Toolroom Live – January 9, 2016

Adrian Hour http://www.be-at.tv/7wMHAA

Prok & Fitch http://www.be-at.tv/8QMHAA

Technasia http://www.be-at.tv/9AMHAA

Bedrock – January 10, 2016

Leo Leal: http://www.be-at.tv/UwQHAA
Eagles & Butterfiles http://www.be-at.tv/UgQHAA

Grove Garden – January 11, 2016

Kosmas http://www.be-at.tv/yAkHAA
Cesar Caballero http://www.be-at.tv/BgoHAA
Ricky Ryan http://www.be-at.tv/DQoHAA
Eelke Kleijn http://www.be-at.tv/9gkHAA
Satoshi Tomiie http://www.be-at.tv/CgoHAA

BPM Presents – January 11, 2016

Matthias Tanzmann http://www.be-at.tv/DgQHAA
Lee Foss http://www.be-at.tv/EAQHAA
Kenny Glasgow http://www.be-at.tv/DwQHAA
Kenny Dope http://www.be-at.tv/EQQHAA

Last Night on Earth – January 12, 2016

Kate Simko http://www.be-at.tv/AAQHAA
Dubspeeka http://www.be-at.tv/AQQHAA
&Me http://www.be-at.tv/-wMHAA

Diynamic in the Jungle – January 12, 2016

Thyladomid http://www.be-at.tv/BwQHAA

Kollektiv Turmstrasse (Live) http://www.be-at.tv/CgQHAA

Knee Deep in Mobilee – January 13, 2016

Rodriguez Jr. (Live) http://www.be-at.tv/1RAHAA
Guti http://www.be-at.tv/1hAHAA

Drumcode – Blue Parrot – January 13, 2016
Victor Calderone http://www.be-at.tv/1gkHAA

Adam Beyer http://www.be-at.tv/1AkHAA

100% JC – Thursday January 14, 2016

Joey Daniel http://www.be-at.tv/6RIHAA

Dannry Tenaglia – Blue Parrot – January 14, 2016

Simon Baker http://www.be-at.tv/2BIHAA

Stereo – January 15, 2016

Supernova http://www.be-at.tv/WQQHAA
Stefano Noferini http://www.be-at.tv/WwQHAA
Dosem http://www.be-at.tv/XAQHAA
Technasia http://www.be-at.tv/XQQHAA

Rafa Barrios http://www.be-at.tv/XwQHAA

Luciano and Friends – January 16, 2016

Cesar Merveille B2B Ryan Crosson http://www.be-at.tv/YgQHAA
Coyu http://www.be-at.tv/awQHAA

Kaluki – January 17, 2016

Citizenn B2B Denney http://www.be-at.tv/aQQHAA
Route 94 http://www.be-at.tv/aAQHAA
Nathan Barato B2B Carlo Lio http://www.be-at.tv/ZwQHAA
wAFF http://www.be-at.tv/ZAQHAA
Richy Ahmed http://www.be-at.tv/ZQQHAA

Ya’ah Muul 2 – Culprit stage – January 17, 2016
Lorenzo Dada http://www.be-at.tv/bwQHAA

Matt Tolfrey http://www.be-at.tv/cQQHAA
Maxxi Soundsystem http://www.be-at.tv/cgQHAA
Chaim http://www.be-at.tv/cwQHAA
Edu Imbernon http://www.be-at.tv/dAQHAA
Clarian http://www.be-at.tv/dQQHAA

Vatos Locos – January 18, 2016

Pinto http://www.be-at.tv/lRIHAA
David GTronic http://www.be-at.tv/pQsHAA
Javier Carballo http://www.be-at.tv/pgsHAA
Hito http://www.be-at.tv/lAQHAA
Randall M B2B David GTronic B2B Chad Andrew http://www.be-at.tv/pwsHAA

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