Drumcode Cancels their Malta festival, blames Pollen Presents

Today Drumcode announced that their festival set for September 15th to 19th is being cancelled as they

no longer have confidence in their ability to deliver the rigorous high standards of safety and customer experience we demand of an event presented under our name.

The event was being produced by Pollen Presents who quickly in the past several years has established themselves as the go-to production company for destination events for dance music fans.

Unfortunately recent media reports indicate that Pollen may be suffering from cash flow issues and has not refunded multiple customers over events cancelled in the past year. (Sources: https://sifted.eu/articles/pollen-events-salaries-acquisition/https://sifted.eu/articles/pollen-refunds-events/)

In addition, multiple events produced by Pollen ended up being cancelled at the last minute i.e. Departure in Playa del Carmen this January and the Duran Duran event in Ibiza was said to not quite deliver all that was promised. 

The full statement from Drumcode is posted below:

We are heartbroken to have to give you the news that, due, to an accumulation of unresolved problems with Pollen, the company responsible for providing venues, ticketing and accommodation for Drumcode Festival Malta, we no longer have confidence in their ability to deliver the rigorous high standards of safety and customer experience we demand of an event presented under our name.

In the best interests of everyone due to attend, we have been left with no other responsible option but to cancel the event.

Over recent weeks it has become clear that Pollen’s arrangements for customer and venue safety, suitable staffing and financial management do not meet the requirements of the high quality events we take pride in delivering. We have made every effort to work with them to resolve these issues but, despite their repeated assurances, critical deadlines at the end of last week passed without the necessary improvements being made.

These serious failings, compounded by the absence and lack of communication of key Pollen staff and the well publicised difficulties that the company is currently experiencing, left the delivery of the event compromised to the extent that we could not continue our involvement in good faith.

The first concern of those affected will rightly be for the refund of ticket and accommodation packages bought from Pollen. Although we are not in control of their process, we have strongly advised them that all refunds must be made without delay. You can contact Pollen directly at enquiries@pollen.co / support@pollen.co and we have prepared a Q&A with more information below. If you have questions not addressed here, please email us at dcfmalta@gmail.com.

It is important to make clear that we have received no payment of any kind for this event and that all payments from customers have been made to, held by and administered solely by Pollen. They also hold customers’ payment and contact details, to which we have no access.

After well over a year of planning and hard work by our team to bring you an incredible lineup of artists and world class production, we deeply regret that Pollen has not delivered on its responsibilities. We have done everything in our power to bring you the event you expected and we share the anger, disappointment and frustration this outcome will cause to everyone who was due to join us in Malta next month.

Your patience and support is very much appreciated and we will continue to push Pollen to complete refunds as quickly as possible.

Click here for more information and regarding refunds, etc.

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