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We were lucky enough to interview new Pacha Ibiza and Sankeys resident dj Sololum hours before his Diynamic party at the 2013 WMC at Nikki Beach. Coming off his 2012 DJ of the year award from Mixmag, he looks set to take over 2013 with his 2 Ibiza residencies and upcoming Diynamic festival in Amsterdam on May 18th.

EDM Life:

So you are the new resident at Pacha Ibiza. How did that come about?

Solomun: I have to say when I was playing at Pacha (in 2012 for Defected) it was a new challenge because Pacha is Pacha…. when I was playing there it was kind of, “Ok, thousand people came here because of me, thousand people of Defected, and the rest was because of Pacha”, so it was and these guys who came because of me, the atmosphere changed completely in the club.

So it was random. I had four days there… and every party was very good and everybody loved this party and bartenders dancing on the tables, so it was kind of a normal club night.

After that, we also tried everything to keep a residency at Sankeys (for 2013) and it was not so easy. It was stupid to say to leave this ship (Sankeys) and it’s the only club besides DC10 who is more underground. Underground in Ibiza is awesome, totally awesome, totally different.

It’s so funny because people call it more underground, but you pay at DC10 or at Sankeys for water 10 euro and for Pacha you pay 12 euro so not much difference. We had a lot of other offers at almost every club for Ibiza.

We take our time to talk to everybody, and then this came idea about to do my own (night) besides Sankeys, so it was kind of I would play a little bit to find the best way. If I didn’t have Sankeys, I wouldn’t do Pacha. So that’s the thing. I want to still keep still the underground. I still do what I do and I feel I do what I do for the underground.

EDM Life: Discuss the +1 concept at Pacha

Solomun: My opinion was also when I did Pacha that I need a strong concept as well and then I thought just one can be one good concept.

EDM Life: You are going to have a special guest each week, correct?

Solomun: Yeah, only one guest because I realized last year it doesn’t matter which name was playing there – in the end people come. So you don’t need to put 5, 6 different artists. My goal is for the guests to get as much attention as me.

EDM Life: Have you announced who some of your first couple guests will be for the +1?

Miss Kittin will do a few shows. Ame will do few shows. Dennis too. Dennis Ferrer will do a few shows. Tensake a few shows, Cassius, H.O.S.H.

EDM Life: So Pacha is going to be Sunday night, correct, and is Sankeys Wednesday?


EDM Life:
Tuesday ok. So you’ll probably just stay in Ibiza Sunday through Tuesday?

Yeah, I’m going to do that for the whole summer.

EDM Life:
We are based out of Los Angeles. Do you have any plans to come out in the near future and do any shows there?

So now I have a visa for 3 years. I can do now more shows (in the US).

EDM Life:
Are there any new singles or albums that you have being released soon?

I think the end of May I will have my single out. I just finished 3 new tracks with an R&B singer. I try to make twists with a R&B singer and my style underground. It’s a little bit risky.

EDM Life: Is this your first time here, or have you been here multiple times to the conference?

I was playing the last four years.

EDM Life:
It’s good exposure having your own party (Diynamic later this evening). And this is a good venue to have it at.

Yes! Too much white maybe need a little bit darker room, but uh we’ll see. (Ed. note – the venue was Pearl at Nikki Beach)

EDM Life:
We’re looking forward to it!

Video recap of the party:

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Solomun and STIMMING

For more info about the upcoming Diynamic Festival featuring Solomun in Amsterdam later this month click here –>

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