Insomniac to partner with Live Nation!!

Letter from Pasquale Rotella, head of Insomniac, just now:

Dear Headliners, Family and Friends,

For nearly 20 years, I have dedicated my entire existence to working hard to provide you with the greatest experiences imaginable. You, the fans, are the ones that have made Insomniac’s incredible success possible and it has been a dream come true for me to put on these events for you.

In order to continue to achieve these dreams, inspire you, and produce events on a scale grander than anyone ever has, I realized that Insomniac needed to do something more and to create strategic partnerships that would continue to make it possible. For me, Insomniac is more than just a company; it’s a passion that began when I was a teenager standing on street corners and handing out flyers to promote my first events. That’s why I take all aspects of choosing any partner so seriously and personally.

I am pleased to announce that Insomniac and Live Nation have formed a creative partnership that will take our events to the next level. I made this choice with my heart to expand our dreams. Live Nation and their team truly respect and understand what we do and why we do it. Together we will preserve and grow the spirit of our events and our culture. This was not a decision that was based on who offered the most money, but who is the best partner.

The Insomniac team, lead by myself, will maintain complete creative control of all events, just as we always have, only now we will all enjoy access to a much larger and diverse variety of venues and resources. Our ticket prices will continue to be fair and reasonable given the experience we provide and we will continue to surprise you and deliver more than we advertise. Your joy, your comfort, and your safety will always be our top priority. I, and everyone at Insomniac, will continue to listen to you, communicate with you, and celebrate with you. Our headliners are the most important people in our world and the music and sense of community that brings us together will not change; we want you to be inspired every single time you attend one of our events.

As I went through this decision, I had a lot of questions. All of them were about being able to continue to produce great events for you. EDC and everything I do at Insomniac is about making you happy, and making sure we all have a great time. Here are some of the important questions I had before I made the decision, and the answers that assured me we are doing the right thing. If you have more, keep asking them, and we will answer you.

Under this new partnership, will Insomniac still maintain creative control?
Absolutely. I’m so proud of the ideas we’ve brought to life over the last 20 years, and I will always strive to deliver our fans the unique and magical experiences they’ve come to expect from an Insomniac show.

Will we still be able to have that one-on-one connection with you on social media?
Most definitely. I’ll always be a fan, first and foremost, and I love staying connected to our community.

Does Live Nation now own Insomniac?
No, I did not sell the company. This is a partnership that is designed to enhance the experience for you.

What made you choose Live Nation over everyone else?
It’s simple. They get it. They don’t want to change it. They know how important our headliners are to us, and they want us to maintain that connection.

How will the Insomniac experience be affected?
With Live Nation’s resources and their numerous venues and relationships around the world, we’ll be able to bring a bigger and better Insomniac experience to even more places. This partnership was created for you, the fans, to make your experiences better.

Will we have to use Ticketmaster?
No, our ticketing services will not change. While some venues require we use their ticketing vendors, we’ll continue to use a variety of ticket providers. Different venues hold different ticketing contracts and when we decide to use those venues we cannot control who provides the tickets, and this may include Ticketmaster.

Will Insomniac be pushed to use Live Nation Venues?
No. While our partnership will allow us access to many of the world’s most prestigious venues we will choose our venue locations based on what is best for the overall vision of the event. This partnership will allow us to build and create landscapes in places that were not possible before!

Will Insomniac’s experiences be overtaken by sponsors?
No. We will have more access to opportunities and our policy will remain the same. We only work with sponsors that enhance your experience. We have and will only accept sponsors if their offerings if they make our events a better place. Again, Insomniac will have the final say.

Does this compromise the soul or integrity of Insomniac?
We are still a stand-alone company. We are excited and proud of our partnership with Live Nation – they are the largest live entertainment company in the world. When combined with our creativity, imagine the possibilities. Insomniac is a group of artists, builders and visionaries and we will continue to be just that. We consist of people who love dance music and come from dance culture. We are fans first, and we always will be.

We look forward to creating more enchanting, extraordinary and mysterious experiences, and we want all of you to share in that magic with us. Our next chapter begins now.

Sincerely and with love.


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