Girls reported passed out in DVBBS’ dressing room after the Balaton Sound Festival

Media reports from Hungary claim that as many as 6 girls (as opposed to the initial reports of a total of 3 girls), were found in the hugely popular EDM duo DVBBS’ dressing room after their Saturday night performance at the Balaton Sound Festival. 3 out of the 6 girls were found unconscious when the festival staffers entered DVBBS’ dressing room backstage after they had left the venue. One of the girls was extremely ill and the 3 other girls apparently were frightened and ran away. The 3 remaining girls were rushed to the hospital luckily reports said that none of the girls required serious medical attention. Organizers of the festival confirm that the girls would not have been able to access the backstage area without artist accompaniment. One of the girls’ parent is a well known Hungarian journalist and is filing a police report as well as the parents of the other two girls. Several of the girls have been questioned by the press and authorities, but unfortunately they do not remember the events of the night.

Reports from Hungary also indicate that both DVBBS van den Hoef brothers and two members of their entourage were apprehended for drug possession shortly after the festival at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest, likely being searched after the events earlier in the evening (however this may be a coincidence). Airport officers discovered marijuana paraphernalia on three men who were arrested after failing a drug test and the fourth man was brought in as a witness. The men were interred at Ferihegy, but all have been released since Saturday night. DVBBS may be facing jail time for the drug possession charges as Hungary is known for their strict drug laws where possession is considered a criminal charge with two years of imprisonment depending on the amount. If it’s proven that the brothers offered drugs to the girls backstage, then they could be facing a much more serious sentencing.


DVBBS released the following statement:

“We are shocked that the Lake Festival (sic) the victim of a visitor has been to events occurring in the hospital that are due. The police our cooperation called for the investigation, and of course we’ve done everything. The police confirmed that no connection between them, and what happened between , so we went to a couple of hours later to Ibiza. From being the case regardless of a marijuana-related business, we will be happy to answer these accusations, and willing to help the police solve the case.
Mentally we are with the victims and their families.
Alex and Chris (DVBBS) “

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