Hot Since 82 Almost Carjacked/Kidnapped in Rio

Hot Since 82 (Daley Padley) posted a video on Instagram this past weekend detailing the harrowing details of leaving his set at Casa Franca Brasil at 5am Saturday morning. While on the drive to the airport the dj’s car was stopped by a car which pulled in front and jammed on the brakes which then saw a gang of gangsters jump out with AK-47s. 

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According to Padley, due to the heroic driving of his car, they were able to escape being kidnapped and/or carjacked by driving in reverse against the traffic at speeds approaching 70 miles per hour! Padley theorized that someone at the nightclub tipped off the gangsters as to what car he was in as he was clearly targeted. 

We are happy to hear Padley made it safely out of the situation!

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