60 Seconds with Sam Feldt!

In advance of his upcoming set at Groove Island on Catalina Island in September, Sam Feldt took the time to answer a many questions as he could in 60 seconds with EDM Life.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Robin S is one of the biggest music musical influences to me. I was very into her music when I was younger. Especially one of her hit singles “Show me love” which was very popular at that moment, attracted me instantly. For that reason I decided to make a remake of that track. 

What advice would you give to young DJs who want to be as successful as you?

My motto is to always follow your dreams. My tip to young DJs and producers is to keep practicing and to not just follow the flow but make the music you really love and believe in.

What are your best three tracks of 2019?

“Post Malone” and “Magnets” are two songs from my ‘Magnets’ EP that tell a story about attraction love and good vibes. The third track I chose is “Way Back Home”. I feel very honored and surprised that this song reached #1 on Korean streaming service MelON and remained there for 40 days. 

 How do you make sure you always select the right track at the right time?

I always prepare my set, because every country I play in is different. So I always try to play what I think my fans like. And I guess it’s a gift to know which songs to select haha. 

Can you tell me a bit more about your recent collaboration with Sophie Simmons – Magnets? 

After I received the vocal track from Sophie, I went into the studio with my live band. Together we recorded the trademark Sam Feldt vibe horn refrain that forms the main melody of the track. Sophie and I have been talking about collaborating on a track for almost two years already now and when she sent me the rough vocal idea for ‘Magnets’ I immediately fell in love. The idea for the track was completely different from how it eventually ended up and had somewhat of a trap sound. 

What is the best festival you played so far in 2018?

Difficult questions, but I think I’ll chose Tomorrowland, because I finally got to make my mainstage debut. 

Is there any message that you want to communicate to your audience through your work as an DJ and a producer?

Yes, that’s the reason why I started my Heartfeldt Foundation. Seeing the impact of global warming on the planet on a worldwide scale really hurts me. With my foundation I’m trying to educate my fans about sustainability and what we can do to help save the world. 

Tell us about playing the first show at Groove island, have you been to Catalina Island before? 

First time here!

In a previous interview you spoke about sustainability, what else do you think can be done to improve sustainability practices in the EDM industry?

With my foundation I’m trying to involve other artists and people in the entertainment industry. Together, with all the fans we have all over the world, we can create a big impact. I would advise all touring artists to compensate their carbon footprint and to eliminate plastic items from their rider. For festivals it’s important to recycle cups and ask people to compensate for their carbon footprint while travelling to the festival. 

Any exciting plans that you can share with us for the upcoming future?

Definitely! Right now I’m riding the high of my latest hit Post Malone, with all the remixes and club mixes for it dropping over the next couple of weeks. New single is scheduled for October and I’m working a very exciting remix for Ed Sheeran. Stay tuned!


Get more info about and tickets to Groove Island here.

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