Audeze Releases Headphones with Head Tracking Support for Mixing

Audeze, a prominent manufacturer of premium headphones, takes great pride in announcing the beta release of a significant firmware update for their award-winning Maxwell headset. This update introduces head tracking support and compatibility with the Dolby Atmos® Renderer, catering to the needs of professional mixers and content creators. Leveraging the existing hardware in every Maxwell headset, this integration transforms Maxwell into a potent tool optimized for those working with Dolby Atmos.

Sankar Thiagasamudram, the CEO and founder of Audeze, expressed their intention to utilize Maxwell’s head tracking capabilities for future collaborations, envisioning the growth of a thriving community of Dolby Atmos creators.

In an era of increasing virtual and remote collaborations within the creative community, Audeze’s improved Maxwell headset is ideally suited to meet the evolving requirements of this field. Simultaneously, the creative community is wholeheartedly embracing Dolby Atmos, making the Maxwell headset an invaluable resource for creative individuals seeking to break free from the conventional confines of stereo audio. With the ability to provide unparalleled immersion and clarity in their audio mixes, all users need to do is open their latest Dolby Atmos session, connect the Dolby Atmos Renderer application, and plug in the USB dongle or USB cable to experience real-time head tracking and gain a highly immersive preview of their audio creations. It essentially becomes your portable studio.

Maxwell’s new integration for the Dolby Atmos Renderer ensures a streamlined user experience, allowing users to create and monitor Dolby Atmos mixes with real-time head tracking. This offers a lifelike interaction with the virtual room, akin to working in a studio environment with speakers. This feature enhances precision when positioning elements in three-dimensional space. Furthermore, it facilitates comfortable headphone mixing, particularly during travel or when away from the studio. To see an example of this in action click here.

Head tracking technology closely tracks the orientation of your head, enabling real-time interaction with the virtual environment when using binaural headphone monitoring. This results in a heightened sense of realism, replicating the ambiance of a studio equipped with speakers. Consequently, it enhances your precision in positioning objects within a three-dimensional space. Moreover, as it approximates the studio mixing environment, you’ll discover that you can comfortably dedicate more time to headphone mixing, especially during travels or when you’re away from your main studio setup.

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