Wednesday, March 27 2024

Audio-Technica has a turntable for your wireless speakers


…Audio-Technica has a turntable for your wireless speaker setup. The company’s AT-LP60-BT offers Bluetooth connectivity in a fully automatic belt-drive stereo turntable. This means that in addition to speakers, you can also pair the device with your wireless headphones… You can connect up to eight different speaker…

…The AT-LP60-BT also features automatic operation as the arm is placed or removed from the record simply by hitting the start or stop button. There’s also a lift button that removes the arm without stopping the record from spinning. Additional controls include a speed selector (33 or 45 RPM) and a size selector for 7- and 12-inch vinyl. Should the need arise, the turntable also has an RCA jack for analog output. You know, in case you want the good ol’ wired connection.

The turntable lacks a USB connection for those looking to directly plug into a computer..

Pricing is set at $180 retail.


Source: Audio-Technica has a turntable for your wireless speakers

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