Frankfurt Electronic Music Museum to Open in April

The Museum of Modern Electronic Music will finally be opening in Frankfurt, Germany. MOMEM has had delays since 2015 due to location and funding. The museum will be opening in April, 2022. Andreas Tomalla, who also founded Technoclub, a weekly techno party in Frankfurt, came up with the idea for the museum. The museum will host exhibits on the history as well as the future of electronic music. It’ll have multiple rooms with interactive and immersive exhibits.

The museum’s opening exhibition is titled: Sven Väth—It’s Simple To Tell What Saved Us From Hell. Sven Vath, a German techno DJ and will delve into the DJ’s private archive of sound, art, and photographs. The exhibit is crafted by Sven Vath and his close friend Tobias Rehberger. The museum’s director, Alex Azary, believes it is the best opening exhibition there could be for MOMEM due to the fact that Vath and Rehberger have each taken electronic music from Frankfurt to the world. 

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