Fyre Festival II announced… wait wut?

Following through on his threat, convicted fraudster Billy McFarland has announced Frye Festival II for 2024. Though wouldn’t it be really the first one since the original festival never really happened?

Tickets are on sale now and somehow there are enough suckers to supposedly buy all of the 1st tier of tickets at $499! (ticket link – click at your own risk! 

The event doesn’t have an exact date other than to be listed as being at the end of 2024 in the Caribbean.

Here is what you get with the tickets:

Your FYRE Pass Gets you:

  • 1 Ticket to FYRE Festival II
    • FF II is targeted for the end of 2024 in the Caribbean.* The FYRE Festival Pre-Sale FYRE Pass gets you 1 ticket to FYRE Festival II, as well as immediate VIP access to FYRE Events, Experiences, and Community. *FFII date subject to change.
  • VIP Pass to FYRE lead-up events and FYRE pop-ups
  • FYRE Crew
    • VIP Access to FYRE Experiences, including FYRE Fights, Documentary and Film Screenings, Weekend Trips, and More
    • Online community with Billy and Team

Questions: history@fyrefestival2.com

Disclaimer: FFII date is subject to change. Pre-events and pop-ups to be announced, but FYRE will host a minimum of 4 events prior to FFII.


Buyer beware! If this actually isn’t an April Fools Day joke in August why would you consider going??!!

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