Grimes Coachella Set Makes News for All the Wrong Reasons

Producer Grimes set at Coachella this past Saturday night should have been a celebration of the producers original productions. Unfortunately due to technical errors ostensibly due to incorrect BPMs saved for her tracks on ther SD card, about 1/3 into her set the train went off the tracks with the performer unable to dj. She blamed the issue on the BPMs being listed as way too high. Unfortunately, she apparently does not have the technical skills to dj without the ‘sync’ button as this issue can be easily overcome.

Grimes multiple times had the music cut out and gave guttural screams in her frustration. Later she blamed the issue on outsourcing the prep of her tracks to a 3rd party on her SD card. We do have to ask, Coachella is arguably the most important music event in the world. To be given a peak time and not able to be bothered to make sure your SD card with the 10-15 tracks you will play are sorted out properly on the card and in Rekordbox is frankly unforgiveable. We do acknowledge that Grimes is not known for her djing rather her producing. This is not the first time she has issues as arguably Coachella may hold some blame booking her for a dj set which is not her strength. Her ‘apology’ is shown below.

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