Hippie Sabotage lives up to their name – starts fight with security on stage!

At the ‘Whats the Festival’ event this past weekend in Oregon, the duo Hippie Sabotage apparently were asked to stop ‘cupping’ the mics by the sound crew and became belligerent and after cussing out the sound guys they eventually came to blows with security on stage after throwing said mics into the lake and refusing to leave the stage!

“The security guards then tried to pull them down from the speakers/gear table and they started violently punching the security guards,” says attendee Meghan Kearney. “It was so disgusting and disrespectful and they were completely at fault.”

Sources: http://www.wweek.com/music/2016/06/20/what-the-festival-performers-fight-with-security-guards-end-set-early/



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