The future of bottle service?

Particularly appropriate during Memorial Day weekend when table service minimums start in the 4-figures and can reach 5-figures for the biggest and most desirable locations, it is good news that the Tao Group has introduced bottle service sharing! This new concept allows users to receive access to an area of shared tables rather than springing for an entire table themselves. Admission to the “V.I.We” section as it is known is 50 for women and $100 for men, plus tax and gratuity. (During special events and holidays prices are subject to change during). Those in this section receieve some bubbly, vodka and tequila along with cocktail servers to pour drinks. Spirits include Absolut Elyx vodka, Avion Silver tequila and Campo Viejo sparkling wine.

Per Tao Group’s entertainment marketing director Mike Snedegar,

“A lot of the younger kids want a more inclusive experience. This younger market grew up seeing Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian come to Las Vegas and celebrate their birthdays here. But most of those kids don’t have the budget to do bottle service. I’m really working to create a party within a party,” Snedegar says, adding that the V.I.We tables will be in a prominent section of the club that provides a sweeping view of main-floor activity. “It’s a way for people to save money, but it’s also a way for people to meet [others] they might not have met if they’d bought a separate table or if they had just bought general admission [access]. This experience is not for everybody, a lot of people are going to want their own table, but there are a lot of people coming to Las Vegas who want to spend less money and still get that VIP treatment. The more options you can give to the customer, the happier they’re going to be.”

Buy the V.I.We tickets here:

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