Iceland’s “Secret Solstice Festival” Announces First Lineup

Secret Solstice Midnight Sun Music Festival, the debut of a 72 hour daylight music festival in Hot Spring Valley, Iceland from June 20th – June 22nd, has announced its initial lineup with Massive Attack headlining. The event is scheduled for the summer solstice weekend in Iceland where the sun doesn’t fully set, which means a complete 72 hours of daylight and music. The Examiner in the US called it the “world’s most unique music festival”.

Secret Solstice is planning to book more than 100 artists, but they have only announced their first lineup including Massive Attack, Woodkid, Carl Craig, Damian Lazarus, Eats Everything, Skream, Jackmaster, Boddika, Oneman and Kerri Chandler (see full first lineup below).

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Check out the Secret Solstice Festival Iceland 2014 first video announcement!

Secret Solstice First Lineup:  

Massive Attack [uk]

Woodkid [fr]

Kerri Chandler [us]

Damian Lazarus [uk]

Carl Craig [us]

Eats Everything [uk]

Aphrohead [us]

Skream [uk]

Hjaltalín [is]

Múm [is]

Gorgon City [uk]

Boddika [uk]

Paul Woolford [uk]

Ben Pearce [uk]

Droog [us]

Waze & Odyssey [uk]

Jackmaster [uk]

Maus [is]

Oneman [uk]

Samaris [is]

Mammút [is]

Sísý Ey [is]

Moses Hightower [is]

Francesca Lombardo [uk]

Clive Henry [uk]

Ojba Rasta [is]

Artwork [uk]

Klose-One [uk]

Cell 7 [is]

Plastic Love [us]

oculus [is]

Voyeur [uk]

Intro Beats [is]

Sometime [is]

Futuregrapher [is]

Josh Butler [uk]

Agzilla [is]

Vök [is]

My Nu Leng [uk]

Amaba Dama [is]

Elín Ey [is]

HaZaR [is]

Harrimannn [uk]

Sometime [is]

Rob Shields [uk]

Housekell [is]

Py [uk]

DJ Kári [is]

Vök [is]

Yamaho [is]

Captain Fufanu [is]

Mia Dora [uk]

ThizOne [is]

Casanova [is]

Bensol [is]

Alvia Islandia [is]

Fox Train Safari [is]

Orang Volante [is]

Modesart [is]

Dj flugvél & geimskip [is]

Árni2 [is]

Rix [is]

Axfjörð [is]

Steve Sampling [is]

Atli Kanill [is]

Kanilsnældur [is]

Axfjörð [is]

Tandri [is]

Árni ²  [is]

Bistro boy [is]

CryptoChrome [is]

Frímann [is]

Ewok [is]

Tanya & Marlon [is]

Gervisykur [is]

Julia Ruslanovna [is]

King Lucky [is]

LaFontaine [is]

Mosi [is]

Quadruplus [is]

Russian Girls [is]

Skeng [is]

skurken [is]


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