Jack U rider leaks. Think Grey Goose… lots of it :)

The rider for Jack U (Diplo and Skrillex has just leaked). Disappointingly predictable (think lots of Grey Goose vodka and champagne) and caesar salads.
Compared to Diplo’s epiclly awesome rider from 2012 (It included a gorilla (“Silverback is preferred, an orangutan is also acceptable”), one Malawi orphan, one “parrot that is trained to say [Diplo’s] name,” one arranged marriage, one dart board (“with Nicolas Cage’s face on it”), one violin player (“to play while we eat our cheese plate”), two inflatable animals (“bonus points for endangered or extinct species”), the third season of “Lost” (“on VHS tapes”) and finally, our favorite, a “1983 Yak Face ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ action figure (“new in package”).

H/T:  http://pagesix.com/2012/12/10/dj-diplo-riding-too-high/
(H/T to http://www.youredm.com/2016/04/06/skrillex-diplos-tour-rider-leaks/ for rider photo)


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