What makes a ‘real’ DJ? DJ Craze’s Video Tells Us

One could throw a rock anywhere and hit a ‘DJ’, which is a term loosely used these days. When a ‘DJ’ cancels a world tour because he lost his thumb drive with his full set or a hotel heiress is winning ‘Best Female DJ of The Year’ and makes close to $1 million per gig, you know it’s time to take a step back and reflect on what constitutes a ‘real’ DJ. The Miami made and founder of Slowroast Records, DJ Craze schools us on what the definition of a ‘real’ disc jockey is, and even with the craze of dance music in popular commercial music, true disc jockeying is unfortunately a dying art. Check out DJ Craze in the video below and you be the judge on what makes a ‘real’ DJ.

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