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Morgan Page Wraps Up Hugely Successful 3D Tour Including 21 Sold-Out Dates

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After several months on the road, the groundbreaking Morgan Page Presents tour has finally come to a bittersweet end. Beginning in September, the tour brought Morgan Page’s acclaimed 3D experience to more than 50 US and Canadian cities, with 21 of these dates selling out completely. This was no small feat for the renowned producer and DJ, particularly when considered within the context of the busy fall tour season and saturation of the market with so much noteworthy talent.

About the success of the tour, Morgan Page’s manager, Jared Barboza remarks, “We set out with this tour to push the bar higher and set Morgan apart. I’d say we accomplished that.”

In addition to bringing this exciting new technology across the expanse of North America, the Morgan Page Presents tour also provided the perfect platform to introduce his new single, “Against the World” that he produced together with Michael S, and which is now available on iTunes. About the track, DJ Times praised, “The new track fits perfectly amongst the emotionally charged vocal house tracks Page is known for, with melodic piano keys, soaring progressive top lines, and a euphoric drop.”

As a huge fan of exploring new technologies and pushing the boundaries of live dance music, this tour incorporated breathtaking new 3D interactive elements originally created for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour. Morgan revealed these elements for the first time on this tour to much acclaim from fans, media, and peers alike. Stunning immersive environments of 3D light and color literally enveloped Morgan and his fans in a sensory experience unlike any other, engulfing the audience in dimensionality so real you could almost touch it. Thanks to 3D Live Events, who provided the LED technology, and Alienware, whose computers powered the delivery of the intense, data heavy visual graphics, this interactive experience has paved the way for a whole new kind of entertainment, and we’re sure to see the effect across all musical genres.

Praise for Morgan Page Presents:

“Pushing the boundaries of the visual experience, Morgan Page’s recent North American tour re-imagines the status quo of LED screens and CO2 blasts, amplifying the standard with an impressive 3-dimensional element that fore-sakes the “3d gimmick” and does the medium actual justice.” – Dancing Astronaut

“Morgan Page’s 3D tour will make you totally forget where you are.” – MTV News

“When showtime begins, there’s no turning back.” – FUSE 

“The interactive show definitely paved the way to a whole new kind of entertainment where stunning immersive environments of 3D light and color literally took fans in a sensory experience unlike any other.” – Examiner

“The imagery was incredible. It felt as though the entire stage had come to life — I was no longer a spectator, but an active part of the show.” – Societe Perrier

“Watching the reaction on the crowd’s face was like the first time I saw a rated-R movie at age eight–jaw to the floor.” – Fusion (ABC)

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