New streaming video site Grooveo allows anyone to stream their dj set live

Be it a bedroom dj, up and coming local talent or famous big name, Grooveo allows for djs to stream their live sets with nothing more than a video camera and internet connection! Bjorn Niclas, co-founder of Grooveo and veteran dance music industry participant (DJ, talent booker, promoter, and manager), says, “Every DJ, regardless of how famous or successful, wants the same three things: more fans, more shows, and more money.”

Grooveo allows djs to stream directly from the mixer in HD video. Fans can buy currency at the website to show their appreciation for the dj and their music buy donating Beatcoins. DJs take home the bulk of the revenue of the donated Beatcoins.

Introduced at EDM Biz this past June in Las Vegas, this free platform allows djs to interact with their fans as never before!

Check out footage from their recent launch party here showcasing the technology:

Groove launch party and technology demo video

Home page:

DJ backend admin panel:


Mobile app screenshots:

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