New tracks from Andy Caldwell light up the charts!

Working with long-time vocal partner Lisa Shaw, Andy Caldwell’s recent track ‘Walking on Air’ is speeding up the Beatport charts and has risen to #3 on the Nu Disco chart and #10 on the Deep House Chart.  The song features Lisa’s sultry vocals along with a nu disco beat bouncing along at a leisurly 115 BPM, which lends the track to those deep house rooms.

Check out the song right now at Beatport:

Another recent track from Andy is ‘World Above’ featuring David Poe. Originally written by David Poe and featured on his self released album “God and the Girl,” the track gets a new brilliant arrangement from Andy.

Check out the track along with the official remixes below:

Lastly, the newest episode of Caldwell’s well received Heritage mix serious is out on Soundcloud as well. This is one of our favorite recent mixes so we can’t recommend it enough.

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