One Love Music and Arts Festival to be held at Lake Perris

Two years ago, the ill-fated One Tribe Festival was set to take place at Lake Perris oustide of Los Angeles. The festival was to be put on by ID&T (owned at that time by SFX) however due to SFX’s financial troubles the event never took place. This fall sees a relatively new festival, the One Love Music and Arts Festival, to take place at the same venue for the first time between October 20 and 22nd, 2017. The festival is all ages with a wide ranging music policy (artists TBA) and is described by the promoters as:

“A three day camping festival like no other with some of the most amazing live and electronic musicians from around the world, where you can dance on the beach overlooking an amazing lake and jump in for a swim, explore various water sports, art cars, art boats, art installations, yoga, workshops and speakers that will inspire and empower you to co-creating a planet of paradise together!”

Click for more information:

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