Pasquale Rotella hints at ‘big changes for EDCLV coming up’

Over this past weekend, Insomniac head honcho Pasquale Rotella hinted at big news coming out soon about changes at Electric Daisy Carnival. While we can only speculate, it must be said that for the 2nd time in the past 4 years, oppressive heat took over for the weekend leading to 1,000+ attendees seeking medical attention of some sort. Also, there were a loud chorus of complaints about the shuttle service this year with multi-hour waits in line to board shuttles (don’t we hear this every year???), again in the severe heat. Our take is that while one cannot predict the weather, EDC may be better served moving up several weeks into early June or even May to reduce the heat issues. Also, while the shuttle service is outsourced to a third party, there is no excuse for the annual first night mistakes that Pasquale apologizes for each year. Coachella has shown you can transport a very large number of attendees with no hiccups so there is obvious room for improvement there. In addition, speculation includes also moving the festival to a 2 weekend event and capping the number of attendees each weekend at a lower number, say 100 thousand people.  Rotella did not give a time frame for the news announcement but we hope it will be soon.

Note – Just after this went to press Pasquale posted the following on Facebook:


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