Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records celebrates 25 years

Paul Oakenfold who helped launch Ibiza as a global clubbing destination talked about his Perfecto Records music label as well as changes in the time he’s been a dj.

Some choice quotes:

“The island has changed in a lot of way… not all good”

“The quality of electronic music has gone downhill…. everyone is trying to get into it, probably for the wrong reason”

“I think the album is much more disposable, as is the single, but that’s society now, Everything’s disposable and we all seem to want the next thing rather than enjoying being in the moment and saying things are good.”

“It’s broadened our base. We’ve got fans all across the world who are into the label and collect the music… That’s pretty refreshing.”

Check out the entire interview here:

Out now: 25 Years of Perfecto Records

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