Porter Robinson New Track ‘Everything Goes On’ for Star Guardian Released

Today a new track was released by Porter Robinson for the videogame League of Legends parallel universe Star Guardian.

The vocals on the track are from Robinson himself. The track titled ‘Everything Goes On’ has a different storyline than the video that accompanies the track. Robinson noted:

The song that I wrote was written from the perspective of the last night that they would spend together. It’s just this bittersweet last night where he knows what he needs to do, but of course, it’s really painful because he loves her. And this was the story I had in my head.

Somebody who I really love was going through something really painful, and I started writing about that, and that was when it really clicked for me because I wasn’t faking anything anymore. The emotions I was writing about were really sincerely held and painful. And when I finally figured out the second pre-chorus, I literally cried in the studio. My entire heart was in it.”

Robinson has already had the huge hit ‘Shelter” with Madeon released as an anime video.  

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