Russian Mafia Arrested in Ibiza; Attempted To Buy Space and Ushuaia

The Spanish National Police broke up a criminal network of Russian mafia in Ibiza who were responsible for money laundering. The gang attempted to buy the name rights to the famous Space nightclub along with neighboring hotel and dayclub Ushuaia. Alexei Sirokov was the point person, a lawyer along with approximately 22 other individuals who also were arrested.

Sirokov had created a Russian empire in Spain consisting of hospitality businesses, apartments, nightclubs and luxury houses located along the Levantine coast and in Ibiza. The investigation into Sirokov began when Russian mafia criminal bosses visited the area frequently.

The organization was charging with several criminal activities including extortion, murder, human trafficking, arms and drug trafficking taking place in Europe, the United States and parts of South America. Profits from these illegal activities were used to invest in the businesses in Spain. Hospitality and real estate were two major sectors the money was invested into.

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