SoundCloud Launches “Suggested Tracks” Feature

SoundCloud recently launched a new feature called “Suggested Tracks”, which is aimed at keeping users listening to more audio content and music in the app. The app will suggest new artists and tracks based on which artists and tracks that the user has listened to and “liked” in the past, which is SoundCloud’s attempt at personalizing the user experience. The difference between this new feature and “suggested” features from other streaming services is that SoundCloud’s algorithm is continually updating the suggestions as the service is being used, i.e. this section is refreshed as the user interacts with the service and listens to music. The suggested track or artist will reflect the most recent artist or track played, and will be prefaced with an introduction like “Because you played…” or “Because you liked…”. The feature will include an itemized list of suggestions with thumbnail images to scroll through.

“Suggested Tracks” is live now on the web, Android, and iOS. The new feature can be accessed on the Search section in the app and the SoundCloud’s Discover tab on the web. If the listener has already been using SoundCloud, then suggestions will be waiting. If not, then streaming audio and music will train the app for suggestions. SoundCloud says it will introduce other music discovery features in the upcoming weeks.


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