Stolen Cellphones Recovered Thanks to Two Escape Halloween Attendees

[UPDATE] Orlando Police recovered 70+ phones this past weekend as well by arresting 3 individuals who were pickpocketing them!

This past Halloween weekend was the annual massive Escape Halloween party in San Bernardino. Unfortunately as seen at major events worldwide, pickpockets also attend these events with the intention of stealing as many phones as possible for resale overseas.

One of the event attendees, Amir Anderson and his friend decided to take things into their own hands after Anderson’s friend had his phone stolen. The two friends used the ‘find my phone’ feature to track the stolen phone which eventually ended up at a house in Downey. When they arrived they called the police who showed up to the house and found two bags outside full of stolen phones. The phones were taken to the police station – if your phone was stolen at Escape Halloween definitely reach out to the Downey police to see if your phone is there – over 100 phones were recovered!

As the crime took place in San Bernardino, the San Bernardino Police Department will be the one heading the investigation and making any arrests.

Below is the Tik Tok video from the paid who helped recover the phones. Our thanks goes out to you!

@cinam0nz Recovering stolen phones from Escape 2022 #rave #insomnic #escape2022 #phonethieves #stolen #carchase #storytime #getbackgang #halloween2022 ♬ Xenogenesis – TheFatRat

We recommend keeping your phone in your front pocket to make it much harder to steal!

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