Stranger Than Announces Los Angeles Halloween as Mayan Warriors’s Last Official Event  

Mayan Warrior is holding their last official event on October 28th. Stranger Than, the event collaborator partnered with Mayan Warrior, will throw the last festival after the devastating fire that destroyed their art car. Mayan Warrior is being held in Grand Park, which will hold both the beginning and end of this event series after they debuted there in 2017.  

Mayan Warrior pulls inspiration from native Mexican culture fused with current house and electronic beats. Touring using unreleased sets and collaborations, Mayan Warrior has climbed from an underground artist to a headliner at electronic music festivals and events.  

After 10 years, Mayan Warrior recently did a celebratory anniversary tour. The Mayan Art Car was the spotlight at shows in major cities around the country. Mayan Warrior partnered with Stranger Than for their return to Burning Man leading to a new legion of thousands of fans across the country and put Mayan Warrior on the radar of electronic music fans everywhere. The Los Angeles Halloween event serves as a tribute to the Mayan Warrior and is the last opportunity for fans to ever experience and appreciate the art car.  

Stranger Than and Mayan Warrior bring urban venues to life with their mix of ancient hues and new technology, creating an immersive musical space for festival and concert goers. Stranger Than has used new locations such as Grand Park, El Pueblo near Union Station and beachfront events such as Cabrillo Beach. The Mayan Warrior Halloween is the last chance to experience this augmented reality event through The Art Car and techno music. Tickets for Mayan Warrior, the Los Angeles Halloween Farewell Fundraiser, go on sale here August 1st.  

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