Cercle to Tour with Cercle Odyssey in Mexico City, LA and Paris

Picture this: a magical fusion of music, cutting-edge technology, and mind-blowing innovation all wrapped up in one epic experience. The Cercle Odyssey isn’t just another concert; it’s a game-changer that breaks all the rules, taking you on an unforgettable, immersive, and multisensory adventure around the globe.

Derek Barbolla (Cercle founder and Creative Director) noted of Cercle Odyssey:

My current obsession is to create the shortest connection between the music played by the artist, the video narrative that we will present live on the screens and the audience’s emotions. I want to connect these 3 things together at the deepest level and I believe this is still underdeveloped in the entertainment industry. If, by the end of a Cercle Odyssey show, I see people on the dance floor literally moved to tears, then I will consider it a success.

Cercle Odyssey will be a revolution by seamlessly blending live music with cutting-edge visual storytelling in a stunning 360° projection panorama. Inspired by the myth of Ulysses, this modern odyssey offers a multi-dimensional experience that brings the journey to you, evoking the profound sense of fulfillment that comes from returning home after an epic adventure. The artists playing the events will be announced later in 2024.

Barbolla also noted:

Visually, we will keep up and even transcend our very specific and unique Cercle signature. The videos will be real, human and natural. We feel that we need this sort of humanity in the content, in a world where we sometimes feel disconnected from nature, from Earth… We are actually going the opposite way of most of the visuals we currently see in the electronic music scene. We will be working with the amazing Neels Castillon as a film director and the narrative and visual structure of Cercle Odyssey will revolve around the universal quest of “returning home,” inspired by the adventures of Homer’s hero. A few characters will evolve through encounters, beautiful landscapes, and natural phenomena, which merge through a prism of vivid and intimate colors. Each concert will be completely unique, and will unfold like a living painting.

At the heart of Cercle Odyssey’s technical brilliance are the 2300 m² of colossal projection screens that completely surround the audience. These high-tech screens, standing at 10 to 12 meters (up to 40 feet) tall and stretching up to 55 meters (180 feet) long, are inspired by traditional movie screens and display a dazzling array of 8K images perfectly synchronized with the live music. What truly sets Cercle Odyssey apart is its commitment to sustainability. All equipment—sound, lighting, and projectors—is sourced and rented from local companies. By using 29 state-of-the-art projectors instead of traditional LED screens, Cercle reduces the need for transporting heavy LED equipment, significantly cutting down on transportation emissions and energy consumption. These projectors will be expertly integrated to deliver a visually stunning experience, rivaling traditional methods while maintaining a smaller carbon footprint.

Cercle Odyssey will be implementing a no-phone policy for this event!

Tickets are on sale now here!


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